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Why 2020 Could Be The Best Time To Renovate

Given the current climate, it may seem like a strange thing to say… but 2020 might just be the best time ever to finally start that renovation or home extension!

Why? You may ask… Well, architecture and construction are some of the few industries that will keep going during lockdown and as history has shown us, the best time to act is often when everyone else isn’t.

The building and construction industry is going to lead our economy through the challenges our country is up against and the Government is committed to supporting us in every way possible. It’s currently a buyer’s market, home and land prices certainly aren’t increasing at the moment so now is your chance to seize the opportunity to kickstart the planning phase of your project with so much available flexibility. Furthermore, the builders and trades that are still working are the crème de la crème and are working harder than ever before. Not only will you be able to build your dream lifestyle to re-enter society with, but you’ll be assisting in rebuilding our country’s economy. 

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, the effects on our industry will continue to reveal themselves and we are uncertain whether material and supply prices will increase, so again, now is the best opportunity to lock in a fixed price contract on your project before this happens. So if you’ve got some extra time up your sleeve and have been thinking about renovating your home, this is your opportunity to build your dream at a potentially lower cost than you would be paying in 6-12 months time. But you need to act now in order to have time to get your designs completed and your price locked in with your builder. 

Here’s why you should get the ball rolling:

  1. You’ve Got Spare Time

Now that most of us are self isolating, internet usage has soared so it’s safe to say there’s plenty of time to collect design ideas for your new space. Try not to limit yourself when you’re gathering information, you’ll be able to condense it all later with your architect/builder. 

  1. You Will Avoid the Post-pandemic Rush

Like anything, after the dust settles on this situation, we’re expecting a surge in our industry. This is why it’s important to keep everything moving forward or you’ll end up joining a queue and waiting even longer to start your project. There are certain parts of the planning process that are out of our control such as council and development approvals so it’s best to submit your plans now before they become jammed. 

  1. You Plan From Home, We Work From Home

Despite the restrictions on going out, most architects and builders are still working and providing services to their clients with the use of digital cloud based tools and software. There are no restrictions on phone calls, zoom meetings and email which is more than satisfactory for the planning process. 

  1. Interest Rates Are Low

The Reserve Bank of Australia has cut official interest rates to a record low due to the significant effect of COVID-19 to help stimulate the economy so borrowing has never looked so appealing. Instead of delaying your plans, now’s prime time to take advantage of these lower rates. 

  1. Architects and Builders Are Offering Great Deals

During this uneasy time, some architects are offering discounts to their clients to help assist them with financing their projects. Your builder can also help you negotiate the best rates with suppliers for materials. Everyone is being more flexible now more than ever. 

Worried about the risk of infection? 

It’s business as usual (from a safe distance) for ZJ Building. We understand that people are concerned about the risk of infection but rest assured, we are taking this pandemic seriously and are being as proactive as possible with implementing policies and procedures within our company and building sites. We are following the Government’s guidelines to ensure we can continue helping people build their dreams with superior quality in a safe, efficient manner. 

We recently launched our new website where we showcase each of our projects, giving our visitors a more in-depth look at the beautiful spaces we create and what to expect when you work with us. We are present on Facebook and Instagram and are contactable on all platforms from the comfort of your very own home.

We are still working on site as normal but with many adjustments, you can expect the following from us:

  • To be met with a big smile but not with a handshake
  • To see our staff being diligent with washing their hands
  • To see our staff coughing into their elbows or washing their hands immediately after coughing into them
  • Practicing social distancing as best possible with each other
  • Looking after each others mental health, having a positive attitude and keeping each other accountable for all of the above 

We have the below guidelines clearly displayed on each of our building sites and have contacted each supplier and subcontractor that will be attending each site and have conveyed our expectation that they strictly follow all procedures and guidelines. 

If you choose to work with us, we will contact you via phone, email or video call (like Zoom) but if you prefer, we can meet with you (provided you are not self-isolating and are feeling well) for a social-distanced consultation. We pride ourselves on our personal service and the inclusive experience we deliver through our online platforms and communication commitment. 

We have made several changes to our own in-house procedures with the education and training of our staff, trades and suppliers by sharing important messages from the Department of Health and our industry bodies (HIA, Housing Industry Association). Our family is limiting outings and following social distancing guidelines when making essential trips. We are still using our online customer portal and project management system Buildertrend, which allows our customers to log into their project anytime, anywhere to see updates, ask questions and view the schedule of works. 

Now’s the time! 

We are all in a truly unique situation. But it’s also a time where you will find Adelaide’s leading builders working harder and smarter than ever before. There are many benefits to starting the design process for your next project so the time to act is now! It’s still possible to build your dream amongst all this chaos. ZJ Building isn’t planning to just survive these uncertain times, we are determined to thrive beyond them!

Call us today to find out how we can help and as always, stay positive and stay safe.

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