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The Top 6 Most Feared Home Renovation Mistakes

Spiralling costs, locked-in contracts, dodgy or unfinished works – it’s easy to see why home makeover dreams can quickly become reno nightmares. Let’s take a look at the top six ways a renovation can go wrong – and how you can avoid home renovation mistakes with our free downloadable guide:

1: Choosing the wrong builder

Ending up with a dodgy builder is the biggest fear for most would-be renovators. Because if you don’t choose the right builder for the job, then all your home hopes can come crashing down – literally. You could end up with structural issues or leaks, work that you’re not satisfied with (despite spending considerable cash) or even worse, a project that actually devalues your house. Not to mention all the stress and anxiety that goes with it. 

A professional builder will demonstrate right from the start that you are in good hands. They will have systems and processes in place to instil confidence and ensure you don’t experience the stress and anxiety that can be caused by being locked into a contract with someone you simply don’t trust.

2: Being hit with unexpected variations

We all love surprises – except when we’re renovating our home. Unexpected variations to the project come in at number 2 in our top ‘renovations-gone-wrong’ list and for good reason. If something comes up that hasn’t been allowed for because you haven’t signed a fixed-price contract, your builder will put his hand out for more money.

In this situation you will have little choice but to pay up or be left with a half-done home. Or have the embarrassing conversation that you cannot afford it and potentially be left with an unfinished project. This happens much more often than you think, especially when renovating older homes which can often hide an unwanted treasure trove of issues. Before you know it, you’ve blown your budget, over capitalised and need to have what can be a very awkward conversation with your builder.

A professional builder will always do his due diligence to estimate accurately. There will rarely be any ‘guessing’, or ‘allowances’ and they will always provide a fixed-price contract with a guarantee that it won’t change.

3. Being kept in the dark 

You might want to leave it all to the professionals. But it’s vital that you still know exactly what’s going on. If you’re not kept informed, then all sorts of things can go wrong – which will ultimately mean project delays and even more costs for you. It could be the smallest detail that has been missed, the wrong cosmetic finishes or selections, or even bigger changes that have occurred which you’re not happy with. Lack of communication from your builder is the quickest way for you to feel like you’ve lost control and that you’re just another number to the building company.

Being kept in the dark will only increase your anxiety that mistakes are being made and make you wonder what is happening on site and if any corners are being cut.

Make sure you deal with a builder that will provide you with a communication method that is easy and accessible. A professional builder will allow access to your project information and regular updates via an online client portal.

4. Poor subcontractor workmanship

When you renovate your home, your builder will co-ordinate a team of subcontractors to work on your project. If your builder uses subcontractors that are sub-standard, then it’s the type of work that really shows up – instead of shows off – your home. Think leaking showers. Badly fitted tiles or wonky flooring. Structural issues. It’s all the finishes and cosmetic touches that people will notice and if your home doesn’t meet your standard you could be left feeling ripped off and embarrassed to have your friends through your home. 

A professional builder will have a team of subcontractors who they has worked with for many years and trusts to work on your project.

5. Project delays  

You’re excited to get into your new space, you’re buying furniture, planning the big reveal party – and then it all gets pushed back. Small project delays sometimes can’t be avoided. But when your reno is dragging on for months longer than expected, it has a massive impact on your wallet and your life. If you’ve moved out and are renting, significant delays mean forking out even more rental cash than you budgeted for. If you’ve moved in with family, then any delay impacts them as well.

You may start to lose confidence in your builder thinking his priorities have changed to another job and you’ve been forgotten about. Or you try to project manage things yourself, to help ‘move things along’, but that only increases your stress and anxiety that you’ve chosen the wrong builder. 

A professional builder will provide a comprehensive project schedule with a guaranteed hand-over date so you’re always up to date with progress.

6. Over capitalising on the renovation

Over capitalising is one of the easiest home renovation mistakes to make. It’s when you sink too much money into your home and that spend isn’t recouped when you sell, leaving you with a money pit instead of a money-maker. Even if the project went exactly as planned, over capitalising will leave you out of pocket and you may feel ripped off, frustrated or that you’ve been taken advantage of, with an attitude of distrust towards the building industry.

A professional builder will be honest and upfront about your project and help advise you on the best way forward to ensure you maximise the value of your house and lifestyle.

To help you avoid making these home renovation mistakes, and to show you how to find the right builder, get the quality project you want and the building experience you deserve, you can download a copy of our FREE guide, 6 Essential Things You Must Do for A Successful Home Renovation, right now.

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