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Outdoor Living, Lockleys

Project Brief

Our clients have a large family and many grand kids. They was after a simple clean outdoor area that they could have the whole family around with plenty of room for the kids to run and play. A low maintenance modern area to extend off the back and to that feeling of alfresco living. The existing home was a 70s built double brick home with a lot of character. The existing back yard had many sheds and structures added over the years as well as an old timber lean to pergola attached to an existing lean to addition. It was very ad hoc with no real plan for function.

Our clients needed design, plans, council approval, a new outdoor living area and updated laundry. A large scope of work with first time builders. Our perfect client.

Our Approach and Scope of Work

After inspecting this project we suggested that it was no use trying to work with what was here as we can already see the result of adding and adding over the years. What this place needed was to have things taken away and start fresh.

The first thing we had to do was remove all the “structures” that littered the backyard. This really opened up the space and reminded our clients of how big their block really was.

We then removed the roof of the existing “lean to” addition and pitched a new flat roof over the existing laundry and WC extending out to from the new outdoor living addition. The roof was supported by rendered columns and with a new concrete tiled floor, it provides low maintenance living and a fresh and modern look.

We were able to add further value to the project by updating her laundry and WC at the same time. The sewer was old and leaking so we replaced that as well. We defined new garden areas for Afroditi and Sam as they are avid gardeners. We also installed a 5000L storage rain water tank with new storm water system, pump and taps to maintain their greenery.

outdoor living addition lockleys

Obstacles that we overcame

The original state of the back yard was so crowded and busy with old structures that it was really difficult for Afroditi to explain her vision of what she wanted. We referred and took care of her new plans and development application for council approval and made sure she understood what was designed and what she was getting for her money.

Our clients having no building or renovating experience at all had difficulty understanding the processes and stages of building. We took extra time to explain the schedule and how the build would be coordinated. We maintained an excellent relationship throughout the build with regular catch ups after hours and phone calls to clarify certain details and issues if any were to arise.

Another difficulty on this job was managing the dog that the owners had. It may seem trivial but this project took about 12 weeks and many trades had to come and go. We were able to coordinate a temporary site gate and provision to ensure that their family pet was safe and secure through-out the project. Finally, we had an unusual experience on this job of pure coincidence. Some time before we had started work on site the owners had engaged a plumber to upgrade their hot water system from an old gravity fed storage unit to a gas instantaneous. The old low pressure system was plumber with copper in the roof space. The new high pressure system was connected to that same copper. After years of the high pressure water pumping through the unsupported pipes in the roof space, they decided to let go (i.e. burst) in the middle of the night, in the middle of our renovation project.

We received a distress call and were able to talk her through how to isolate her water and were able to send someone to make a structural assessment of the state of the bathroom ceiling where the water damage was. We also organised a plumber to rectify the pipe work that night so she needn’t worry.

The Result

On completion, this Lockleys Outdoor Living addition was the perfect area to compliment our clients needs. We had met the brief and needs of Afroditi and Sam and they are now able to entertain with their entire family with room to spare. The home has a new modern look and has added a lot of value to the property and to our clients lifestyles.

Some extras we were able to provide was new infrastructure for future projects they are planning such as power and a new sub board to their shed and extra concrete paving to create a BBQ area for their regular lamb on the spit roasts.

We were thankful to have such great clients and for them allowing us to create this beautiful space for them to entertain in. Afroditi was kind enough to shoot a testimonial video featured below.

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