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Home Addition, Crafers West

Project Brief

This renovation was a little different to the norm. George is a mature aged bachelor and has a deep love for cars and motorsport. He has a range of different cars but there was one thing missing at his architecturally designed 70’s home in Crafers West – a secure and lockable garage. He also suffered from the occasional flood due to being on the very low side of a valley and an inadequate storm water system.

George wanted to expand the floor space of his garage with an addition of roof cover out the back and remove some posts that choked the space. He wanted a showroom standard garage to suit his luxury sports car and track car with high security for peace of mind. Essentially, he desired more room for his cars but also a space he could entertain in on the weekends. George engaged with us at the conception stage (i.e. when it was just an idea in his mind) so we were able to take him through the entire design process and coordinate the entire project.

George had big plans but no drawings so we put together a proposal for the preliminary documentation and got started on concepts and construction drawings. We made the process really easy for him and met his brief for the design so there was no need for any amendments to the plans. We planned a start in the warmer month of November so that we could avoid the heavy rain and cold conditions that the Adelaide Hills can throw at you. With our online customer portal, George was able to stay updated even while at school performing his day job as a teacher.

The project ran very smoothly with barely a hiccup to speak of thanks to the entire project being scheduled from day one and all trades falling into place really well. However, nothing ever comes without its challenges so there were a couple of obstacles we had to overcome. The biggest issue we encountered was with the mains water feed into the home. This was uncovered during construction and was found to be galvanised piping with a lot of internal rusting. This fell outside of the scope of work we had quoted for but with our online system we were able to show George the problem and as we dug deeper into the issue. We realised that his water pressure to the home was suffering; to the point where only one tap could be used at a time.

We had the opportunity to fully rectify the issue with minimal delays and fuss so George requested we quote the additional work. Through our comprehensive online portal, George was able to view the quoted work and approve it with a digital signature. We scheduled the tasks in with the regular work of the project and there was no delay to the original schedule. George’s water pressure problem was resolved!

Part of George’s brief for the project was to have his three cars fit into the garage with no problems. Luckily, we like to be proactive rather than reactive so when we noticed on the plans that the side roller door might be too tight to swing into, we organised a prompt meeting with George to do a virtual drive in experience with marked up floor paint to represent the sides of the roller door. We did this to ensure we got the roller door in the exact right position to allow for easy entry. This one hour exercise gave us and George absolute clarity and the certainty that we needed to ensure that there were no issues to rectify at the end of the project. Crisis averted!

George’s dream was to have his side yard cleaned up with a double function garage/alfresco entertaining area overlooking the valley he faces and that’s exactly what we delivered. His cars all fit perfectly and the flooring he chose gives it that showroom finish. Water run off is no longer an issue after we designed and installed a sufficient stormwater system and George can now rest peacefully at night knowing his prized possessions are kept safe.

Here’s what George had to say about his experience with ZJ Building:

“It’s turned out better than what I had in my mind so I’m really happy with the end product. It’s just great! The online app was quite useful. I could check up on what’s happening the next day or what was meant to be happening that day. ZJ Building did a very thorough job. They were ‘by the book’, they were professional. They did everything to a high standard. I would certainly recommend them to anybody who I know that needs some building work done. I would recommend them to anybody!”

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