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Bathroom, Laundry and Ensuite Renovation,
Wattle Park

Project Brief

Larissa and Cameron have a young family and had recently bought a beautiful home, full of character in Stonyfell. The home was a typical house of its period and had some problematic rooms with its closed plan layout. They needed more space in their bathrooms and they were in desperate need of an update.

Larissa and Cameron had a very odd layout to their bathroom with a separate shower room that really closed off the entire space. The house was lacking in storage and the laundry was not helping. Finally, their ensuite was only just big enough but was lacking storage and functionality. Through their frustration of these spaces and then learning that they have a water issue in their bathroom, they came along to one of our “Reece Bathroom Renovation 101” workshops held at Reece Bathrooms in Norwood. Larissa and I met at this event and we booked a time to meet at her home to go through their renovation.

“Zak was just so down to earth, so easy to get along with, chatty. Just went through everything. Any questions, didn’t matter how silly they seemed to us, Zak just put us at ease and just talked us through every step of the way. It was just brilliant.”

One of the biggest factors to this project was that Larissa and Cameron were on a strict budget. They wanted to update the rooms, do the job right but also make sure the job was fixed price and on budget. We went through their requirements and made sure to line up a scope of work that met their brief and a design that solved all of their issues. 

We put a lot of effort into improving storage and functionality in these rooms and ultimately were able to build detailed specifications, plans and elevations to show the exact layout and finishes. Larissa and Cameron were really pleased with all the detail that was put into the proposal and we signed a fixed price contract soon after.

Older homes always have their secrets and this house had a big one – asbestos. Asbestos is something that is really common in homes like this one so we always test a sample of any suspicious products prior to the work commencing. We detected asbestos in the wall cladding but had allowed for its removal within our fixed price. During further demolition work however, we encountered friable asbestos lagging hidden in the masonry walls. This is the really nasty asbestos that is sometimes found in homes of this era. We identified the issue really early and were able to suspend work and get the proper specialty contractors in to remove it and avoid a disaster. Larissa and Cameron were thrilled with our diligence to handle this situation professionally and without fuss.

Life in Stonyfell is very different now for Larissa and Cameron. Their kids now have plenty of room in their new bathroom with a new open plan feel. The storage issue in the home has almost been completely solved with a brand new laundry joinery fit out adding heaps of additional storage space for the entire family. And Larissa and Cameron have a brand new ensuite that they can enjoy without worrying about any “water issues”. We also, while on site, were able to fix some roof leak issues they were having and upgrade their Hot Water System to an instantaneous gas one so they never run out of hot water.

Here’s what Larissa had to say about her experience with ZJ Building:

“It just looks all so nice and fresh and clean. It’s just brilliant. It’s nice to go from an old, dated bathroom into something that’s nice and modern. I would absolutely recommend ZJ Building to my friends and family. They’re just amazing people. They do so much to make everybody happy. Especially with the communication, they just go above and beyond with everything. They’re amazing.”

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