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Production Builder vs Custom Home Builder: Which One Do You Choose?

Do you understand the difference between a production and a custom builder? Are you worried about making the wrong choice and being left with a home that you don’t like?

By not understanding the difference you risk choosing the wrong builder for your project. This will leave you feeling unhappy with your home and down right ripped off. You don’t want to be left with these regrets.

There are positives and negatives to both types of builders and depending on your situation, one may be better suited to your needs than the other. The following information will help equip you with the knowledge you need to choose the right builder for your project. You’ll then be on your way to having a home that you love. A home that represents your style and that you’re proud to show off to your friends and family. 

Quality over Quantity

According to Mozo, the average cost of repairing defects of newly built homes is almost $6,000!

Defects occur when your build has not been properly managed by your site supervisor and this will affect the quality of your build and ultimately its success. A production home builder supervisor will sometimes have over 30 projects to manage at the one time so it’s no wonder the cost of defect repairs are so high. 

If a quality outcome and attention to detail are what you’re after, you want to ensure you’re working with a professional custom home builder. That way you’ll be sure that your site manager isn’t overworked and has the time to manage and quality control your project to the standard you deserve.

A Good Build Ain’t Quick and a Quick Build Ain’t Good

A production builder promoting a new home build in 16 weeks is a strong selling point and can be tempting for a new home owner. But what are you really sacrificing by moving into your home so quickly?

Your custom home build or renovation is not something you want to rush. Quality building processes take time and a quick build will usually mean a compromise somewhere and it won’t be from the builders bottom line. 

A professional custom home builder will have robust systems, processes and quality control checks to ensure that nothing is missed. These processes may mean your build time is longer than what a production home builder is quoting, but you will be able to sleep well knowing that your renovation project was built right the first time and there were no compromises for quality. 

Builders Build Homes but All Homes Are Not The Same 

A production builder will have a library of plans for you to choose from. You can usually make some changes to these but at a hefty price. The production builder has systems set up, designed to allow them to build the same home, many times, very efficiently. It’s no wonder they charge so much to make a small change to the plans.

A professional custom home builder will not work from a predetermined set of plans. They will tailor a design to suit your lifestyle and needs. When you design a home to suit you, rather than compromise yourself to suit the home, something special happens. 

You fall in love! 

You Start Seeing Yourself Living How You’ve Always Wanted, Rather Than Modifying Your Dream to Suit the Limited Plans on Offer

All builders do build homes – But not all homes are the same.

A production builder can build a home to a predetermined specification and will achieve a very consistent level of finish for their homes. They are in the market because there is demand for what they offer. And what they offer is simple – a cost effective means to build a house usually for those looking to build their first home, an investment property or if their budget is really tight.

A custom home builder offers a custom solution with a custom specification. That means you can have the home of your dreams, designed to suit your lifestyle and reflect who you really are. A professional custom home builder offers flexibility, a tailored solution and a building experience you won’t hear about anywhere else.

What Are You Really Getting?

Make sure you read your contract carefully because this is where you can be tripped up. Your selections and finishes listed may reference a standard inclusion list with little to no room to move. If you don’t have it specified in your contract, you could end up with a cheap like for like item being installed. 

A professional custom builder will allow you to choose exactly what you want in your home and have it specified in the contract so that you are certain you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for!

Understanding which type of builder is right for your project is critical for its success but there are other things to consider as well. To help you avoid any unnecessary surprises, download our free guide ‘6 Essential Things You Must Do for A Successful Home Renovation’ ebook below.

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