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How Do You Know If You Have Found The Right Builder

Have you finally narrowed down your choices for a builder, but are unsure how to pick the right one? Decision anxiety is incredibly common in these situations; making sure you choose the right builder could be the difference between achieving your dream home or a nightmare building experience.   

You want to feel secure and confident in your decision when choosing a builder. You want to, not only ‘click’ with your builder, but also feel that you’re in the safe hands of an experienced professional. But how do you know what makes a builder professional, and what questions should you be asking to find out? 

Having an informed set of questions ready to ask your potential builders will help clearly determine who’s a professional and whether they’re the right builder for you. 

Interview Your Builder

Having a strategy when meeting with your builder for the first time will help you feel confident because you’re following a process that measures your list of builders to the same standard.

You’ll be far less susceptible to any salesman tricks by asking these important questions and comparing the answers.

According to The Advertiser, at least eleven Adelaide home-building companies went bust in 2019 alone. With so many builders going under, particularly in the first 6 years of business, how can you be confident that this isn’t going to happen to your builder midway through your project?

A common misconception is that a one-man team can provide the best, most personalised service and help you save some costs along the way. But the truth is that an independent builder doesn’t always have the resources to manage your project properly. One person can’t divide their time across multiple projects, putting yours at risk of being mismanaged and no one being available to answer your calls.

The same can be said for the other extreme; some large companies can guide you through their sales process by a charismatic salesperson that promises you the world, only to be left as just another number in their system. 

Choosing the right builder for you should always come down to you feeling comfortable, doing your due diligence and trusting your builder. The best way to begin building this trust is with these important questions.

Questions For Your Builder

  1. What work do you specialise in?
    There’s no point engaging in a builder that specialises in volume homes when you need a customised extension that integrates old to new in a seamless way. Make sure that the builder you choose specialises in the exact type of project you’re wanting to do.
  1. Who makes up your team and who will be doing the work on site?
    It might seem like a small thing to worry about but knowing who makes up the builder’s team can either be a clear sign of professionalism or a red flag. Do they have an in-house team or do they subcontract the work out? 
  1. How many projects do you take on at a time and how do you manage that?
    A company that caps the amount of projects they do per year is a great sign that they have knowledge around their capacity limits. Which means they won’t be rushing, stressing or cutting corners.  
  1. How will you be communicating with me and how often?
    Will you have a dedicated project/site manager? Who will be your first point of contact for any issues that may come up? A professional builder will utilise a project management system to keep track of progress, payments, communication and more.
  1. How do you approach variations etc?
    Do they offer a fixed price contract? If not, then how can you be sure you won’t be hit with builder induced variations? What if you change your mind on some selections or want to add something? Whatever it is, you want to know that your builder’s variation process is painless and documented. 

These top 5 questions will help you cover some of the key topics to determine whether the builder you’ve engaged is best suited to your project. Finding the right builder is just one of the 6 Essential Things You Must Do For A Successful Home Renovation. Download our FREE guide to find out the other five!

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