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Is Extending My Home Better than Moving?

is extending my home better than moving

For a lot of households, there comes a time when your home can’t accommodate the needs of your growing family. Maybe the kids are getting older and need rooms of their own or you have another one on the way which means the home office gets transferred back to the kitchen and you go back … Read more

How to Get the Best out of Your Builder

How to get the best out of your builder

When building or renovating your home, whether it’s freshening up an old bathroom or creating a brand new custom space from scratch, it pays to have the builder you hire, on your side. After all, builders and their tradies are the professionals and we need to trust them. We’ve already discussed what questions to ask … Read more

Who Watches The Block?

who watches the block

Who watches The Block? Let’s discuss the show and managing expectations in the real world… It’s that time again, The Block is on and like every year, we feel a huge pressure to post regular updates about the show and what week it is and relate every social media post to it somehow… after all, … Read more