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How to Avoid Being Hit With Unexpected Variations

Are you worried about blowing your budget with unexpected variations from your builder right in the middle of your renovation project? We all love surprises – except when we’re renovating our home  You may have heard people discussing ‘variations’ when they talk about building and renovating. You may have also noticed that no one’s ever … Read more

How to Avoid Being Kept in the Dark During Your Renovation

Are you worried about being kept in the dark during your home renovation? Are you concerned that once you sign the contract, your builder won’t communicate with you enough or provide you with regular updates about what’s going on? Communication throughout your project is one of the most important aspects of ensuring a successful outcome. … Read more

How to Plan to Survive Your Home Renovation or Extension

Are you thinking of renovating or extending but are worried about living in your house while it happens? Renovating is probably one of the most rewarding, yet frustrating and stressful things you’ll ever do. You don’t want to have to deal with the dust, disorganisation and not to mention the constant interruption to day-to-day life. If … Read more

Understanding Building Jargon

Welcome to the wonderful world of Builders Jargon! Working in the office, even I have my moments of fleeting confusion. The terminology used during a project is vital to anyone building – whether it is your dream home or an investment property. Knowing the difference between a joist and a jamb may not be as … Read more