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An Interview With Cornell Electrical – Jamie Cornell

We are blessed to be able to work with a number of great South Australian companies! Cornell Electrical is no exception, as they instil confidence in their customers with their expertise and commitment. We had a chat with their owner, Jamie, about the company and their responsibilities to their clients! 

Tell us a bit about Cornell Electrical, how did you get started?

We are a South Australian, family owned and operated business. We provide electrical work for domestic and commercial clients. Our office is based in Clarence Gardens but we service all of Adelaide. 

Originally, Cornell Electrical started because the company that I was employed with didn’t have any work for me. I had a lot of free time and put in the effort to start the business and had no expectations of where it was going to go. I worked for about a year and half on my own and it grew from there. 

What’s your role in the company? 

This year is the first year I’ve stepped off the tools unless I absolutely have to. So now my role is about managing our relationships with builders, wholesalers and customers. I love being able to meet with our customers to discuss their needs and provide them with a package that suits. 

Tell us about your team/company structure and what you specialise in…

At the moment, we have 16 team members which include 3 office staff, one transitioning from field to office and the remaining 12 as tradesmen. We are hoping to grow the team by 4 by the end of this calendar year. 

We’ve recently restructured the company a bit differently and we have segregated it into four sections. Domestic, Commercial, Air-conditioning and Solar. We employ staff and designate them to each area so that we can provide unparalleled customer service with specialists in each category. 

What do you find most of your customers request?

We get a lot of customers who are in the process of building a new home wanting to include extras in the build such as more downlights, solar, air-conditioning and more powerpoints, but are struggling to come to terms with the cost from the builder. That’s where we come in! We provide a package that suits their desires and they’re able to get everything they want for their new home, at a much better price.

What makes you different to all the other electrical companies out there?

We have a strong desire to do what’s right for our customers and not what’s necessarily right for us. Meaning, if we can’t provide the best possible service at the best possible price, then we will refer people on. We like to make sure that our customers are the right fit for us and visa versa so we don’t try to ‘win’ every job. 

What’s your best tip for reducing your power bill?

Reducing your power bill comes down to energy management. So, if you put on a solar system, it’s the best way to easily reduce energy consumption but if you don’t use your power wisely, it’s a waste. A lot of times, people have an expectation on what kind of result they’re going to get after installing solar panels, but after six months, they’re dissatisfied. When we talk to them about how and when they’re using their power, then that usually explains the lack of results. It really comes down to what type of lighting you have, what time you are using the dishwasher, are you using delay starts and much more. If you have a 9am-5pm job, you’re not going to be home to utilise the energy that the solar panels are producing so it’s about making sure that your battery will save the stored power that it makes in a day so you can use it when you are at home. 

What does the future hold for Cornell Electrical?

I’m very easy-going and like to go with the flow but at the moment, we are working on training some of our field staff into project managers so we can assign a project manager to each of the four divisions we provide. That way, there are no misunderstandings when it comes to each sector and our field staff can be more efficient at providing our customers with high quality service because they answer to their assigned project manager. 

What can we find you doing on your days off? 

My two kids keep me pretty busy on the weekends, we’re expecting our third in a few weeks which is very exciting! When I can, I sneak away with my brothers to ride motocross or play some golf in the warmer months

We love seeing wonderful local talent and expertise flourish within our community. It truly is a pleasure knowing that our customers will be well looked after by the team at Cornell Electrical. Thanks, Jamie!

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